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Wight Water Pools was established in Fresno in 1996 and believes in doing business on a personal level. We started our business on motto" building customer service above everything else". Each team member follows our business motto and will treat you in the same way they would like to be treated. Our team attends numerous training seminars and educational programs every year to stay on top of the latest & upcoming trends, innovations, and products on the market. We know if you give us an opportunity, you'll see that were just not," any old pool company".







Wight Water Pools strives to deliver five star customer service. If for any reason your not satisfied with the products we sell or services delivered please:

Our team will do everything possible to listen to your issue and do what is necessary to handle your issue promptly according to our contractual agreement and warranty.

Your satisafaction is extremly important to us.




Pool Care Testimonal
PH: 559-645-1969


Wight Water Pool Store
Located in Madera Ranchos CA
Madera Pool Store



Visit us at our retail store at 37167 Avenue 12 in
Madera Ranchos! (across from Subway)
Just 10 minutes north of River Park. 
10 minutes south of Madera City



  • Repair any swimming pool leaks. Small leaks can equal thousand gallons of water loss if not fixed
  • Use pool cover when ever possible to reduce on water loss
  • Run waterfalls, fountains, in deck sprayers, vanishing edges only when necessary. Whenever air is allowed to break water (aeration) a significant amount  of water loss may occur.
  • Limit diving, splashing, and water fights.
  • Maintain proper chemicals, adequate circulation, use higher quality chemicals, avoid big box store chemicals that have extra additives to avoid having to drain your water unnecessary.
  • Don't forget to shut off water when filling pools, and make sure autofill valve is working and adjusted correctly not adding extra water that is not needed. 
  • Avoid over backwashing your filter. Backwashing filtter usually only cleans 25-35% of the bottom of your filter. It's better to pull apart your filter less often and clean completely.

 * Call for more details 559-645-196