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Yellow Trine 
A granular formation that helps clear away slimy yellow and mustard algae in pools. Features: Dissolves Quickly Leaves No Residue May Be Used In All Types Of Pools Applications: Weekly Maintenance (based on 10,000 gallons): 1. For water temperature above 80 degrees, add 4 oz. of Yellowtrine with 1 gallon liquid chlorinating compound or 1 lb. of a dry chlorinating compound once a week. 2. For water temperatures under 80 degrees, add 2 oz. of Yellowtrine weekly and 1/2 gallon liquid chlorinating compound or 1/2 lb. of a dry chlorinating compound. Yellow or Mustard Alage Removal: 1. Brush walls and floor areas affected by yellow algae. 2. Apply 4 oz. of Yellowtrine as close to affected area as possible. 3. Superchlorinate by adding 1 gallon liquid chlorinating compound or 1 lb. of a dry chlorinating compound. 4. Add Prevent Plus to prevent non-metallic deposits and to maintain water clarity. Advantage: It is fast dissolving formula will destroy deposits without leaving a residue. Compatible With: Chlorine, bromine and ozone sanitizers.
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