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Different Types of Pool Filters:

Sand Filters:  Use sand as the media to filter out particles in the water.

Benefits of sand filters are: Cost, length between required cleaning.
Most sand filters come with a multi-port valve (1) which enables you to vacuum your pool to waste instead of through the filter

Negatives: Sand filters do not filter as fine particles as D.E. or Cartridge Filters. They are also harder to clean when you due have to clean them.
It takes longer to clear up a green or hazy pool because it won't filter as fine particles so typically you need to run pump longer. Tank (3) is usually bigger 
and requires more space 


Cartridge Filters: Are pleated filters which capture particles on the outside of the pleats. 


Benefits of a cartridge filter:  They're typically less cost than a D.E filter. Easier to clean and pull a part and re-assemble for most homeowners.

They filter very fine particles

Negatives of cartridge filter: Solids adhere to them faster and easier because of pleats. They're a lot more tedious to clean because

you have to get in between each pleat to clean them throughly.  The cartridges can be a little more costly to replace than D.E. Filters.


Standard D.E. Filters ( diatomaceous earth): These filter use D.E. to coat the outside of the plastic grids so water has

 to travel through the D.E and grid before going back into the pool.


Benefits of D.E. Filter: These filters capture the smallest particles of the three. They typically clean up better because nothing

usually sticks straight to the grids. Debris are caught on the outside of the D.E. You can backwash these

 filters without pulling them a part but will not fully clean out debris.

 Negatives of D.E Filter: Harder to clean for most homeowners. More complicated to assemble. You have to add D.E. back to the filter

through the skimmer each time you backwash or clean filter.



Quad D.E. Filters: is a hybrid cross between a standard D.E Filter and a cartridge filter.


Benefits: They share the same benefits of a cartridge filter and D.E. Filter.

Negatives: The cartridges do cost more than a typical cartridge filter because they are constructed out of plastic.

We typically recommend these filters because they are easier to clean like the cartridge filters and give you the best clarity. 

Wight Water Pools recommend cleaning your D.E. or Cartridge Pool Filters every three to four months. By cleaning your filter regularly you'll insure your pump is running at it's best efficiency, improve the clarity of your pool, extend the life of your filter cartridges or grids. Typical cleanings run $95. We will pull a part your filter, clean grids or cartridges throughly, check for any defects, rips or tears. Clean pump basket and check impeller, lube exposed O-rings, seal your tank and recharge filter. Free water analysis are done upon request. 

We also offer sand filter media change outs and renewal. Call for more details. 

Call us today to extend the life of your filter. 559-645-1969 

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 your filter clean.*
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