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Why is my pool cloudy?

There could be several reasons your pool may be cloudy:

1. Not running pump long enough
2. High TDS (total dissolved solids) Your water is basically over saturated with junk that has entered it.
3. Your filter may be bypassing debris
4. Your pump may not be working correctly or may be clogged
5. Too much calcium in water
6. Algae spores may be forming (free chlorine level is too low)
7. Contaminates like pollen, leaves etc. may have entered your pool water

Tips to get rid of cloudiness:

Lower your ph. When your pH is high in your pool heavier minerals such as calcium drop out of suspension causing cloudy water.
Add a good sequestering agent. It will help your pool absorb more minerals and act like a band aid for a while.
Repair or replace your cartridges and run your pump 24 hours.
Watch where you buy your chemicals from. A lot of big box stores put an extra amount of fillers (junk) in their chemicals to lower cost.
Shock your pool with a shock high in chlorine like GLB Granular chlorine.

If you need more help bring us a sample into our store in Maywood Center (across from Subway) on Ave 12. We'll perform a free chemical analysis on your water and sell you only the chemicals you need.
*If it's too far gone you may have to drain it.