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Wight Water Pools Fall Tips
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Fall Tips

Pool Leave Vacuum

Pool Equipment

  • Make sure pool cleaners are in tip top shape for fall leaves and debris
  • Install inline canister on suction vacuum systems to prevent clogs from occuring in plumbing
  • Clean pump baskets often. Full pump basket will cause your pool pump to burn out prematurely
  • Install pump cover to protect water from entering pump. We sell them for about $35 and they'll help your pump last years longer.
  • Check skimmer basket and gate in skimmer to make sure there both are in peak shape and ready for fall debris.
  • If you hear a loud whining noise coming from motor. Call Wight Water Pools 645-1969 right away this could be costing you hundreds extra in energy.

Pool Chemistry

  • Even though water has cooled down a lot don't neglect it. Your pH changes a lot more during Fall and winter. Rain and leaves make your pH more aggressive. 
  • Shock pool after rain or heavy leave fall.
  • If pool is covered we recomend you still check your water regularly
  • We don't winterize our pools like back east because our weather rarely drops below freezing.


  • Prune and trim trees around pool to prevent them from staining your deck and pool.
  • Use a leave vacuum when you have a lot of leaves in your pool to help save time
  • Clean of deck often when leaves are present to prevent staining and extra work later. 
  • Seal cracks in deck and gaps in pool to prevent water from eroding dirt around pool
  • Clean leaves, weeds etc. arround pool equipment to prevent fire, and unwanted pest.
  • Store chemicals in dry area where rain can not get to them. Water can cause chlorine to react and cause a fire.
  • Never store acid and chlorine together it can make a lethal gas.
For more help give us a call at 559-645-1969. 

Motor Cover