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Wight Water Pools Fall Tips
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 Fall/Winter Tips

Skimmer basket

Pool Equipment

  • Make sure pool cleaners are in tip top shape
  • Dump skimmer baskets and bags regulary (at least once a week) 
  • Remove toys and bright objects from pool that could attract a kids attention.
  • Clean pump baskets often. Full pump basket will cause your pool pump to burn out prematurely
  • Install pump cover to protect water from entering pump. We sell them for about $35 and they'll help your pump last years longer.
  • Upgrade your equipment with Wight Water Pools 645-1969 to save $70-$100 a month on energy.

Pool Chemistry

  • Check your water balance at least once a week 
  • Use a DPD type test kit that test free chlorine. Avoid the ones that only test dead and free chlorine combined
  • Shock pool during heavy leaf fall or rain.
  • Don't overuse tablets they can cause your C.Y.A. to skyrocket which will keep chlorine from being less effective
  • Don't use chemicals from big box stores or on-line they have a lot of additives and are not as strong.


  • Seal cracks in deck and gaps in pool to prevent water from eroding dirt around pool
  • Store chemicals in safe place where water, kids, and animals can not get to them. 
  • Never store acid and chlorine together it can make a lethal gas.
For more help give us a call at 559-645-1969. 

Motor Cover