Service Agreements

To make things simple, we offer several maintenance and cleaning packages. You can choose the package that best suits your budget and how much work you want to do on your own.

Pool & Spa Repair

We Repair heaters, lights, pumps, controllers, electrical, gfci, remotes, circuit boards, spas, pumps, filters, valves, tile, salt water systems, uv lights, skimmers, water leaks, under water repairs, main drain grates. Chances are great that if it's broke we can fix it.

Pool Cleaning

From sanitizing and balancing the pH level to scrubbing the tile and vacuuming out the pool, weekly and seasonal cleaning keeps the water clear, the pool clean and you happy.

Relax and Enjoy Your Pool!

It's safe to assume you'd rather be enjoying time in your pool than working on it. That's where Wight Water Pool Service comes in. Our technicians do the maintenance and upkeep so you can spend your free time relaxing and swimming.

Whether you just bought a house with a pool or are looking to have  some new equipment installed, you'll feel better knowing you have a company whose been around for over 25 years with dedicated, well trained pool technicians.